HongHua America, LLC

The exclusive agent and distributor in the Americas for the sale of Honghua drilling rig packages, triplex mud pumps and expendables, traveling equipment, wellhead equipment, handling tools, spare parts, and service.

who we are

HongHua Group Limited is one of the largest drilling rig manufacturers located in Chengdu China. HongHua America, LLC is the sales and service center located in Houston Texas and is an American company. We have our US corporate headquarters located here along with our warehouse and rig up fabrication shop. Our company primary manufacturing capability is drilling rigs, AC VFD drilling rigs, DC SCR drilling rigs, fast moving drilling rigs, trailer mounted drilling rigs, offshore drilling modules, skidding systems for cluster well drilling, rotary tables, triplex F series mud pumps, swivels, blocks hooks and hydraulic CATWALKS and iron rough necks. All of our products are backed by a complete product warranty program. We can assemble rigs here in Houston Texas and incorporate US components such as engines, motors and auxiliary equipment. Please browse our website to see specific product lines and technical information, along with pictures of our drilling equipment product lines.

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